“Having never considered what yoga was before, I was presented with a free trial class by my Manual Therapist @ Avenue Physiotherapy, and a high recommendation that Hot Yoga could greatly influence a recent spinal injury.

Not only has it been one of the most instrumental steps towards my healing; it introduced me to a community and mindset which was open to hearing the details of my story and consider how they could contribute to my speedy recovery!

What impressed me most by the instructors of Moksha Yoga Brantford was their patient attention in to listen to each client individually! When one instructor speaks, it is as if they speak through each other and you can hear all of their voices within that one person; clearly a closely knit family! During classes I recognize how they alter there normal structure to make the practice accessible for my personal limitations; and they express it in a way which I know they are speaking directly to me, yet it is seamless to other students who don’t notice the subtle adjustments, retaining its fluidity while benefiting all who are present. If that wasn’t enough, what has truly struck my heart most is that every instructor remembers my name, and everybody else’s, and never fail to greet us personally as we walk through their door!

A welcome improvement to the well being of Brantford.”

– Jon Free, Adventure Guide